Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Dentist visit

It was time for our 6 month check ups. The kids actually really enjoy going to the dentist. They make it pretty fun for them. Too bad they don't have something like that for adults! When Brooks was getting his teeth cleaned, Bailey was standing guard making sure he was being takin care of the right way! She loves the dentist office. She always ends up with floss and some rubber gloves from the tech so she can practice on the stuffed animals with BIG teeh they have there for the kids to play with. Great reports for both kids, as always! Bailey sported some glasses they offered her when she said the light was too bright! She is stylin! Each kids gets a goodie bad with a balloon, a token to get a price and a cup of sugar free yougurt icecream at the end of the visit, rought i know!!! Brooks got a blonde mustache. Thought he looked alot like his Papa!

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