Friday, March 28, 2014

Country Road Sledding

We went sledding with some friends out on a country road. The kids LOVED it! We would have them sled down the hill and pile into the 4Runner and then we would back them back up to the top! Wish i had it that easy when i was a kid sledding! I brought hot cocoa for the kids when they got tired and cold. Couldn't leave out the marshmellows! I even went down the hill. It was really really fast, faster than i thought it would be. Blake enjoyed himself as usual. He crashed and burned as usual too. Got home and realized he had banged the side of his head up pretty good. Poor guy. Clark ran up and down the hill EVERYTIME with the kids. He even went into the field next to where we were and played in the snow (hinch the snow on the nose) He was wore out when we got home. Bailey had a blanket pallet on her bedroom floor and Clark went in and layed down and crashed! Bailey covered him up with one of her pink baby blankets!

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