Sunday, March 2, 2014

Christmas with Nana & Poppy

Nana and Poppy stopped by to have our Christmas with them after a Saturday KU basketball game. We took them to out only mexican restaurant in our town. Really it's the one of maybe 2 restaurants. Its super yummy and we have gotten to know the staff and owner pretty well. We had a fun time hanging out with Nana and Poppy. Nana and the kids were putting ketchup on the kids faces and she was acting like she was stabbing them with a fork. Silly Nana! After dinner we came back to the house to open gifts. The kids got some tablets they were wanting but didn't think they were going to get. So when they opened them they were SHOCKED!!! Each got a KU shirt! And some other little treats! Thank you Nana and Poppy for all our gifts and coming to our town to see us and spend that time with ya'll. I got a lamp i have been wanting for a while now. Its an owl lamp that reminds me of my Mamaw, thank you for that! i LOVE it!

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