Friday, May 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

Im finally getting caught up on our blog. Made it to Valentine's Day. The kids each had Valentine's Day parties at their school. Kids wanted to make their own Valentine's boxes this year, so we did just that. They each made their own monsters. They turned out pretty cute. They each picked out their own Valentine's cards to make and it turns out they picked the same one. Easier on mom! I took them to a friend of mine that does photography and got some cute Valentines pics too. They all turned out so cute. Brooks was being his silly self. He did pretty good for a 9 year old boy taking Valentine's Day pics! LOL Of course we got the famous Nana & Poppy Valentine's painted box full of goodies. Not sure what she was thinking when she sent furry red handcuffs. Maybe she meant for those to go to Blake and I, LOL! :) Thank you Nana and Poppy for our Valentine's goodies.

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