Tuesday, December 6, 2011

winter has arrived......sorta

they always have to do a silly pic!

Well, the kiddos were so excited that they woke up to a winter dusting. It didn't snow much but it covered the ground enough for the kids to want to go out before school and play in it a little! Bailey of course had to eat some. That girl loves her some snow!!! I woke up this afternoon to the sun shining bright and no snow left. That is the kind of snow fall i love!!! We went after school and bought our snow boots anyway.
Daddy left today to go be with his mom, that is having open heart surgery tomorrow! She is in our prayers for a safe and speedy recovery! We love you Nana! And we miss you Daddy!

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  1. Yea snow!!!
    Blessings and prayers for Blake's Mom!