Friday, January 27, 2012

Daddy turns 36!!!

Daddy and his special camping cake!

Bailey trying to steal Daddy's gift already!
Gift from his Momma and Bill
" Seriously?!?!?!"
His "new" car smell fresheners

Daddy loves his blanket! He finally got one of his own!

We had a good time celebrating Daddy's birthday. The kids colored a banner for Blake and put it up outside so that was the first thing he saw when he came home from work. ( haven't got a pic of it yet, but i will ) Then we opened gifts, ate dinner then surprised him with a cake that fit him to a T. We got him his favorite ice cream, Birthday Bash!! Blake got a new mountain bike, "new car" air fresheners for his "new" truck (inside joke), an ice and snow scraper for his truck, and his very own fleece blanket ( KU of course )!!! Blake and I went out with the kids to dinner at one of Blake's favorite places, Mi Ranchito. Then Saturday night we went out with friends, did some bowling and then out to a local bar. Had a great time!!!! Happy Birthday Daddy, and Hubby! We love you!!

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