Friday, January 27, 2012

Out with Friends....

Blake got ahold of the camera
Robl and I

Me after my 4th strike in a ROW, yep i said 4th!!! Whoop,Whoop!
Kim and Steve
Was the last and best game of the night! Girlz rule!!!!
Kim rolling one of her many strikes.
Blake after his first strike
Kim after her strike

It was really nice to get out just the two of us for a night. Each of the kids went to their friends houses for sleep overs. Bailey had her very first sleep over. It was at her friends Audrey's house. They were both really, really excited about it. They play so well together that Bailey didn't come home till about 5:30 the next evening. I was starting to miss my baby girl. Brooks went to his friend Cole's house. Cole and Brooks played baseball together!
Blake and I were invited to go bowling with some friends of our up in their neck of the woods, Missouri. They are lucky we are friends with them cause you all know how Blake feels about Missouri!!!
The girls kicked the boys butts!!! The only bad thing about the evening is that the bowling alley's fryer was broken. So, we all got hamburgers but NO fries. We were all looking forward to good, greasy, bad for you bowling alley food. What is bowling alley food without fries!
Later we met up with our friend J.R. Robl at a bar down the street from our house called Jerry's Bait Shop. Had a great time there listening to a band and just hangin and havin a few drinks.
We both got to sleep in the morning after. That was nice, cause it NEVER happens!

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  1. Missouri???-What's wrong with that great state? :) If I knew that Blake needed a blanket I would of made a real special Missouri Tigers one! Ha ! Ha !
    Sounds like you guys are having a fun time.