Friday, February 24, 2012

Play date with the Bestie

Bailey had one of her best buds over to play this afternoon. They play so well together. ( Most of the time ) They weren't too bad today. They played outside a bit, painted, roller skated around the house and played a bit with Brooks and the older neighbor girl, Shylee. ( Which is pretty much an adopted child )
The girls came into the kitchen today to show me what they had painted, they had painted rainbows. So cute!! Hearing them roller skate around the house and giggle and scream every time they were going to fall down or fell down made me laugh!!! Right after one would fall you would hear in their sweet little girly voices, " OHHH, Are you Ok?!?!?!" It was sweet!!! It was a great play date! Thanks Audrey for coming and playing at our house today!

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