Sunday, February 26, 2012


Brooks thought he was being sneaky by putting rabbit ears on Blake until Blake told Brooks to come look at the pic. It was funny to see his face!!!
Elena ( Trent's baby girl ) loved Brooks. Followed him everywhere.
He was so good with her, was showing her how to play his DS.
Blake holding baby Nolan ( Burkharts baby boy ) while watching the game!
Bailey was very excited to have such a big coke all to herself!
Dayla and her daughter Randi
Some of the guys playing Goldin Tee, of course!
Blake and Brandon

We met up with all our friends and their families to watch the big Kansas vs Missouri basketball game at a local bar. We had a great great time! Especially since the Jayhawks pulled out a WIN in overtime!!!!
The kids had a whole back room full of games and air hockey to play and keep them entertained. They also had a big open area to play and run right where our tables were! Couldn't have been any more perfect for them!
It was a good time hanging out with friends we hadn't seen in a while since we all have families now and we all keep a pretty busy schedule! Good Times!!!!

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