Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brooks= MVP

Coach tossing the game ball to Brooks
being shy!

Daddy telling Brooks how proud we are of him!!! Great job, Bubba!

Brooks is on a new baseball team this year. We are much happier with this team. Love the coaches!
This year they are playing in a lot of tournaments, something we have never done before. Brooks had his first tournament this past weekend. Unfortunately they didn't win it but it was good practice for the team. They played the best of the best. I didn't know boys this age could be so good. WOW!!!
Brooks did awesome! So awesome that his coach gave him the MVP of the tournament and the game ball. Brooks was very proud of himself. He got a little shy about it in front of everyone!
So so proud of you Brooks! Keep up the hard work. His coach explained that in every tournament they will be choosing someone to give the MVP title and game ball too. And then for the regular season they will be giving out the game ball to one boy after each game. Can't wait to see how many Brooks will collect through the season! I'm sure this isn't going to be the last one! ( not bragging or anything, giggle,giggle!! )
Only was able to get a few pics cause i forgot to charge the camera battery, oops! Was kinda sad that the boys didn't have their real uniforms in yet for this first tournament. The company they used didn't get them in on time. We have another tournament coming up this weekend as well. Will be getting much more pics this time around!

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  1. Good to see you today at Dreaming!
    Congrats to Brooks! How fun for him.

    I loved your comment regaring Miss B and the flower pickin' at Larry and Shelia's, made me laugh.