Friday, March 30, 2012

Kindergarten Round- Up

Bailey went to Kindergarten Round-Up this morning. I didn't take any pictures because they take the kids off by them selves while us parents have to sit through about 10 different people give us information. Way too much to take in that early in the morning. Poor Brooks had to get up this morning and go with us on his day off from school. :( He wanted to sleep in so bad! Felt really bad for him. ( thank goodness for his DS )
Bailey loved it! She showed them that she could write her name all by herself. They were impressed!

Can't believe that we are sending out baby girl off to school in the fall. Just doesn't seem possible!! I'm happy and sad about it. It will be nice to have a quiet house so i can actually get caught up on house work. But sad that her giggle won't be around me in the afternoon. I'm really excited for her. She is so excited to be in the same "BIG" school as her big brother!

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  1. It really doesn't seem possible---I still remember the day that you handed her to me over the fence after you had her!!
    Where does time go. Brooks has grow wo much too.
    We had round-up at school today also. Oh boy.