Friday, March 2, 2012

Insightful conversation.....

Brooks and I always have the best conversations in the car after school. It didn't used to be like this. When Brooks was in Kindergarten and First grade i would pick him up from school and I would ask him all kind of questions about his day, his response to me was, " Mom, why do you have to ask me all these questions about my day, why do you care?" " Stop talking so much when i get into the car". Ouch, right? Yes, it hurt my heart to hear him say that to me, but one day toward the end of his first grade year he got into the car and asked, " Mom, why don't we talk anymore when i get in the car?" " You never ask me how my day was or anything!" I just laughed and was very greatful that he wanted to talk again. And that he missed me asking him about his day!

Today he got into the car and was telling me how he wants to become an astronaut and go to the moon. He wants to see what is flying in space and see meteors flying around. I asked, " so that is what you want to be when you grow up?" His response was this, " yes, but then after i get to do that i want to quit that job and move on to fighting for our country". " I want to join the Military and get rid of all the bad guys, and when i finish that i want to move up to bigger and harder battles."
WOW!!!! I was i impressed and proud at that moment! What BIG, BIG dreams our boy has! I hope he gets to all those things when he grows up! We are so proud of you Brooks and will be just as proud when you achieve all your goals when you grow up! We love you Buddy!

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