Friday, March 9, 2012

Playgrounds and Creeks

once a monkey always a monkey.... Brooks has been climbing up on things since before he was a year old!!!!
She was so excited about petting these horses!
Kids loved petting these horses
My little explorers

Brooks, Jacob, Audrey, and Bailey

The baby frog the boys caught
Boys trying to build a tiny waterfall. They did it!
That water was cold but didn't stop her

throwing rocks into the creek

Letting the Barbies and their purple corvet take a ride down the slide!!!

I decided to take the kids and their friends out to a couple of parks today to get out of the house. Mainly for my sake.... but also to get out and enjoy this amazing weather we are having! We first started off at a park we call the "CHOO-CHOO" playground. It is a park near our house that has railroad tracks up the hill from the playground and it is a busy track. It also has a trail and there is a big tunnel that the kids enjoy running into when a train comes because it gets really really loud in the tunnel. There is a creek that runs next to the trail as well. Today was the first day my kids have ever actually got into it. Me and the girls went back to the playground while the boys stayed back and played in the creek. They came running back once saying they saw a snake, then a second time saying they caught a frog. Sure enough they did and immediately wanted something to put it in. We went home and put the frog in an empty aquarium we had. I guess i will going to buy some insects from the pet store tomorrow so it can eat!
We got Audrey ( Bailey's friend ) and Bailey girl their rain boots and went on to another big park near our house. I took the kids to a big playground that i knew had a big creek for the kids to play in. We spent probably close to three hours there. It was a lot of fun. The boys were a little disappointed that they didn't find another frog but they had a blast playing in the creek.
Bailey fell down in the creek on her side. She was soaked. But, what did she do...... she jumped up and said, " oh man" and then continued on. She is a tough cookie. That water was freezing!
We were walking back from the creek and ran into some people riding their horses and the man told the kids that if they all got up on the picnic table he would let them pet their horses. The kids got a big kick out of that!
It was an awesome day and a great way to start off our Spring Break!!

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