Friday, March 16, 2012

The three P's with some Geese!

she picked out a horse to paint
can't wait to see what it looks like out of the fire!
Us with our pottery!
she was running around with them
eating our lunch!
feeding them some of our lunch
started out laughing, ended up screaming and crying!
pretending a rock was her tooth
playing in the water!
basking in the wonderful sun
Looking for seashells with her new friend she made
seperating their shells
loving flip flop season

playing in a tiny beachy area they found. more like dirty mud/sand area
best way to end our day, a stop off at McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae

Bailey and I went and................. Painted pottery,
went for a.....................................Picnic,
at the............................................Park
and fed some ..............................Geese!
We had a blast playing outside today! The weather was beautiful. A bit windy but beautiful! We started the morning off with sleeping in till 9:30. Couldn't believe that she slept that long. Then off to Walls of Clay to paint our pottery. Bailey chose a horse to paint. I chose a large mug! Bailey's horse is very colorful. Can't wait to see it when it is all fired up and finished. We get to pick them up in a week. I painted my mug green ( my favorite color ) with Black accents and some cool puffy paint features. Can't wait to see how it turns out!!
We then went and picked up some food for our picnic and ventured off to the park. We ate our lunch but not without some visitors. Yep you guessed it, Geese. Lots of them!
Bailey liked them till they ALL started to follow her. That got a little scary for her.
Bailey wanted to put her feet in the water so we went over and of course the girl makes friends wherever she goes. Her and these friends searched for shells. They found a lot of them and made it their " collection " they said.
Funny story....... these new friends were oriental. Not sure if Chinese, Japanese or what but they mother was talking in English then to her kids in their native language. Bailey was sitting there with her looking for shells at the time and said to the mother, " hey, you know how to speak Spanish!!!" Oh my goodness, I about died laughing!!! The mother said, " yes, yes i can speak Spanish too!" We both laughed and thought it was really funny and cute!! She cracks me up!!
The kids found a place on the shore that didn't have rocks and it was sandy. They played and played and played in the water for over an hour. We had been at the park for almost 3 hours. Time flies when you are having fun!
We ended our afternoon with a stop by McDonald's for a good ole' hot fudge sundae. I was wiped out but when we got home, i thought maybe Bailey would sit down and watch a movie and relax a bit but oh how i was wrong. She is now been over across the street at her friends house for and hour and a half playing. Man, i wish i had a quarter of that energy!
What a fabulous day! Thanks Bailey girl for spending a great afternoon with your mommy! Pics of the pottery to come next Friday.

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