Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bailey's first dance Recital........

Bailey had her very first ever dance recital!!! We were all so excited for this day to come, but not as excited as Bailey was! Had to be at the Leid Center in Lawrence,by 8:30 am!!!Having the dance recital at the Leid Center was exciting in it's self!
They had practice and then it started at noon. Nana and Nana & Poppy came as well. Thanks for coming to watch Bailey. She LOVED that you guys came to watch her!
Bailey's class danced to " Never Smile At A Crocodile." Very cute! Bailey did great! Did you expect anything less?! She is a natural on stage! She wasn't afraid of all the bright lights and all the people watching! When she got on stage for the finale dance, she did such a great job too! There are some "pushy" people there. Was standing first in line to get a seat on a balcony and when i went to open the door a grandma came up and push me and said, " uh i was here first" I replied, " i don't think so, I was clearly here first" She didn't like that and pushed me. Once she did that there was NO way i was going to let her in before me! Guess who won? Yep, Me!!! She followed me in with Bailey in tow and said to me, " listen here, B*#$&!!!!!" I told her NOT to speak to me like that in front of my child. She got mad and left and found a seat somewhere else in the auditorium. The nerve of some people, I must say!!!! :)

We had a great time. Then continued to lunch at Quenton's. It was so good. Hadn't eatin there in years. The kids tried their famous bread/soup bowls. Bailey loved hers and Brooks not so much.
GREAT JOB, BAILEY QUIN. Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you!

Bailey Quin

Bailey and her dance class patiently waiting their turn to go on stage

Bailey and Harper
Bailey with her Nana & Poppy

Bailey and her buddy the Jayhawk!!

Family picture!

Bailey and her Bubba!

Bailey and her Nana

A momma and her son!

Everyone trying to tackle Daddy

Being silly

Chatting it up at Quinton's

Bailey and her first soup bread bowl!

Brooks acting like he likes his food!

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