Saturday, June 2, 2012


Brooks had a tournament that started at 8 am in this morning. Oh goodness that is early. Especially now that summer has started and the kiddos have learned to sleep in till 8:30-9:00 every morning. We play all day long and then stay up past our normal school year bedtime. It has been really nice so far. But this morning it was not fun for them to get up so early.
Blake took Brooks to his game and i took Bailey to her dance recital in Lawrence by 8:30 am.
They lost the first two games. :(
The boys headed out to meet us at the Leid Center and watched Bailey's dance recital. Then went to lunch with Nana and Poppy then off to another ball game. The BULLDOGS pulled out a W-I-N!!!!
GO BULLDOGS!!!! Brooks played an amazing game. He caught another fly ball. Stopped several line drives being pitcher and then stopped a ball, ran and beat the runner to first to make the OUT!!!!
We are off to the ball fields again tomorrow morning. A little later game this time. 9:45. I can do that! And then if we win we will play at 11:45 or so. Let's hope we get a tournament win!!!!!
Didn't get many pics of him playing cause i was jumping up and down and screaming in excitement!!!!! Hoping to get some pics from tomorrow game, will post soon.

Coach Ray telling the boys how well they played!!!

Bubba intently listening to his coach.

Coach Ray

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