Monday, July 2, 2012

Bailey and her backpack

Little sneak, Bailey and her friend Audrey went to the pool with us the other day and we had a great time. We came home and got Bailey dressed and packed to have a sleep over at Audreys that night. While i was doing all this, i saw the girls go out into the garage... not thinking anything of it. A little bit later noticed that were in the bathroom with the door locked.... again didn't think too much of it. Thought they were playing in the water or putting more tattooes on.
It was time to go and the girls came out of the bathroom, Bailey had her backpack on already. I offered to carry it and she refused. No biggie. Then got to the car, offered to take her backpack while she got herself buckled, nope she refused again. No biggie.
They were whispering in the back seat, giggling and telling me that they weren't going to tell me what they had been up too!!! Kinda played along and Bailey told me they would give me a clue. The clue was that," it was wet. " I said ok and continued to drive.
We got to our meeting place to drop the girls off with Audrey's parents and the girls got into the car while we were chatting and when i opened her door to kiss her goodbye, I noticed her backpack was wet and sitting in the floorboard. So, i said, " Bailey, why is your backpack wet ?" I then picked it up and felt something weird in it. Opened it and what do i find....... yep, an open container of white turkey lunch meat!!!!! Seriously girls!!!!!?! Us adults about died laughing and the girls just sat there saying, " what?" The juice had ran out and all over her clothes. Audrey's parents were nice enough to offer to washe them so i didn't have to run home and get all new clothes. Oh my goodess, what silly girls! And sneaky. Why they got that out of all things in the fridge in the garage, we will never know!

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