Friday, July 6, 2012

Colorado Vacation (First Day): Colorado Bound...

Headed out toward Hutchinson to drop Clark off at Grandpa Kently's house. He was dog-sitting! And very happy to do so. Grandpa Kently has grown very fond of Clarkers. Wishes his dog, Buddy was as well behaved as him. Clark was so good in the car ride there. We got there early evening. Our plan was to drive through the night to Colorado. Well, Blake that is..... the rest of us will be sleeping.
We made it all the way to Canon ( canyon ) City, Colorado. Blake woke me up to tell me that we were going to just park and sleep, which would have been fine but then i started thinking about where everyone was going to go the restroom,and if it was all that safe to do that. So, Blake gave in and let us stay in a hotel. We stopped at the first hotel we came too. It actually was an Inn. Which didn't matter to either one of us. Got a pretty good deal since it was 3 a.m.
I carried Bailey up to the room and Blake carried Brooks. As Blake was locking up the car he noticed that the car next to us had a flat tire and then the other car on the other side had two flat tires and a broken up grill. He thought that seemed just a little shady. Well, come to find out the next morning it WAS very shady! It was called Holiday Inn. Apparently people live there instead of staying a night or two and leaving. Blake went out to the car the next morning and this old man a few doors down from us was sitting out by his door smoking a joint. I guess the thing to do there in the mornings was to get up and then open your door for the day. Creepy to say the least. But we survived and was able to take a shower and get a few hours of rest.

                                                                 What a good puppy!

best buds!

The shady hotel
There was an amazing sunset

Stopped by to visit Grandpa and Grandma Mac

On to our next destination, with a few stops here and there to look around and stretch our legs.

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