Wednesday, February 20, 2013

friends and guns

Brooks had a friend out to spend the night and ended up staying the whole weekend. We took the kids out to shoot again at our land. Matt hadn't shot a gun before. I had the kids decorate their own boxes with targets on them for them to shoot at. They thought that was pretty fun. Bailey's was the most colorful, go figure!! The kids did a great job hitting their targets along with others. After a while of shooting we were getting ready to leave and drove thru the creek bed and noticed ice. We all got out and decided to test it before walking out onto it. It was pretty shallow so it was solid ice. We all went out and did a little ice skating and Daddy found a branch to out Bailey on and bounce it up and down. All the kids got a huge kick out of it! We were there probably an xtra hour just playing on the ice! Great time and making great memories!

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