Thursday, February 28, 2013

long awaited Christmas in Hays

It took us a while to find a weekend that we didn't have anything scheduled and Nana and Poppy didn't have anything scheduled. We took a trip to Hays to have our Christmas with them. We always have a good time in Hays. Went out for Mexican food, opened gifts, had a great homemade meal from Nan. Took our usual trip to Sturnberg Museum. Nanna and Poppy were excited to show us their new backyard and their new addition to the backyard. WOW, what a change! Beautiful! When opening gifts Brooks got a switch blade comb. We all got a kick out of it! Brooks also got a huge Halo Mega Block Tank. He was so excited about it that he ran over and gave Poppy a HUGE hug and told him Thank YOU!! Bailey got a gymnastic Dora doll and she got so excited that she ran over and hugged Nana. Bailey is funny when she opens gifts now, she keeps her eyes closed until she is finished unwrapping her gift! Both kids got cash which is always a hit! Bailey got some new make-up. She was so excited about it that she put some on and took the whole make-up purse with her everywhere, even with her to the museum! I think the kids favorite part of going to Hays is taking a bath in their soaker tub and doing their bedtime routine with Nana! Thanks Nana and Poppy for having us out and making our trip great!

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