Friday, April 26, 2013

kids' school carnival

The kids' school carnival was held at the highschool. Alot of the highschoolers where helpers at the carnival! That is a small town thing i think. Never had that in the city! They had a ton of inflatables, games and live animals. You will see that Bailey and i paid tickets to hold a 60lb. python. It felt like it weighed about 100lbs. It was so heavy but really really soft!! Bailey loved it! Brooks and Blake didn't want anything to do with it! Chickens!!! Brooks won three 2 liters of pop playing toss the ring, I won cinnamon rolls playing cake walk. Bailey got her face painted. She is a giraffe. She is the prettiest giraffe i've ever seen. We got the higest bids on a few things for the silent auction. One was ice cream and bubbles for Bailey and three of her friends and two was Brooks and three of his friends get to go to Sonic.

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