Friday, April 26, 2013

Osawatomie Railroad Days

Our town had this thing called " Railroad Days ". They had booths in the gym, had food outside and then the train museum was open to walk through. Brooks, Blake and I had a walking taco for lunch, Bailey had a huge hotdog and then Blake had a fried twinkie and the kids and I shared a funnel cake. It was delicious!!! We walked through the museum. Walked through a caboose. Brooks found himself a girlfriend in the back of the caboose. LOL!! I bought myself a couple of homemade hand towels at a booth and we entered several drawings. Don't think we won anything though. While in the museum i look over and Bailey is reading a book to a little girl that asked her if she could read a book to her. So cute!! All and all it was a great time!

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