Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grade Cards are in.....

The kids got their grade cards in the mail and they were nothing short of fantastic!! We are so proud of both of you!! Brooks, so proud the way you adjusted to your new school right in the middle of the school year. You kept your grades up and exceeded our expectations. Love you! Good luck in 4th Grade! But, first lets have a great summer! Bailey, we are very proud of you as well. Glad that you got a much better teacher when you switched teachers. Thank goodness! Proud that you adjusted and made new friends and did so well with doing your homework and working xtra hard on your reading! Great job, Bailey girl! We love you! Good luck in 1st Grade! Buit first, lets have a fantastic summer! mom & dad Because they got such good grade cards i took them to the store today so they could pick something out! Brooks chose Halo lego toy, he came straight home and built it! Bailey chose a doll that is a "beach girl". She came with sandals,2 bags, 2 glasses,and a hat. She loves her. She named her Jalyn. Bailey's cousin name is Jalyn. Brooks got Mrs. Carter for 4th Grade. He is excited cause he has a buddy of his in his class and she is an awesome teacher!

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