Thursday, May 30, 2013

Brooks' ball game #2 Bailey ball game #1

up to bat leading off 1st stealing home watchin the big boys play some ball Bailey up to bat on 1st Bailey & Parker on 3rd fielding the ball watching his sisters game "tough girl" Bailey had her first T-Ball of the season last night. The rained held off for both of the kids games. I would say we were home about a half hour and it started storming!! Bailey was super excited about her game, so much that she started asking if she could put her uniform on about noon that day. She wanted to put black under her eyes like her big brother!! She played a great game and hit the ball great!!Good job, Bailey girl! Can't wait for the next game! Brooks had his second game of the season. There was a big gap in between the two games. To big. He played short stop this game and walked twice. We played a team from a near by town, Louisburg. They were pretty darn good but our boys played well against them. Brooks stole home from third and slid under the tag. SAFE!!!! Great job listening to your third base coach, Brooks! So so proud!! Brooks is suposed to have a game tomorrow night away in Louisburg, kinda excited about traveling.

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