Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bailey's first Track&Field Day!!

Bailey and her boyfriend, Parker TUG A WAR 50 YRD. DASH 100 YRD. DASH Bailey with her " Grrr " face to the other team!! 3 LEGGED RACE SOFTBALL THROW LONG JUMP Bailey had her first track and field day. They had it at the High School on their track and football field. It was a beautiful day,but a bit breezy and chilly. The clouds kinda split and it warmed up a bit. Bailey and her class had a blast. Bailey's standings: softball throw: 2nd place long jump: 2 nd place ( but really got first, i was watching ) 50 yrd dash: 2nd place 100 yrd. dash: 2nd place ( but actually tied for 1st ) tug a war: the girls beat the boys and they won one out of two wars against other classes 3 legged race: 2nd place ( but actually tied or won 1st ) They weren't really paying attention to who came in when. Really kinda bugged me, but Bailey was soooo excited everytime she got a second place ribbon, so it really didn't matter to me anymore! Great job Bailey Quin. I had a blast hanging out with you and your class. Now on to the big school. 1st Grade!!

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