Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Car Show, History Tour, Carnival two and Concert

The next morning we headed up to the park and walked through all the old cars. Brooks really liked the DeLorean. Then we headed over to the old cabin that John Brown stayed at a long time ago. I am clearly not a history buff and really don't like listening about history but Blake and Nan love it! The kids liked it too. We got to listen to some stories. We went outside to hear from the men of the Civil War. They told the kids all about the surgeries they had to do and all the people that died cause of the disease that spread. They showed them the tools they used back then and told them about the medicines they used and didn't use. That part was actually interesting to me! Nana left after that and headed back to Hays, we went on to day two at the carnival. Man oh man it was a hot one out!! We stayed there from 4-7 then headed over to the concerts they had going on. It lasted till about 11. Kids were done, and ready to go home! It was a LONG LONG day and night! But what a GREAT day it was!! Thank you Nana for our armbands! And thank you again for coming down for a visit!

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