Sunday, June 9, 2013

Osawatomie Pageant girl!!

Bailey is in our towns pageant this year. It's only the second year it's been back in 19 years. Bailey is super excited to be in it. She is excited to wear her pretty dress and then dress up in her 80's wear! She also gets to be in the John Brown Jamboree parade earlier in the day. The John Brown Jamboree is a big celebration in here in town with a carnival and live music and the pageant of course. Bailey had her first practice the other night. Learning how to point and turn. And where to walk on the stage. She did very well. Very fast learner! Great job, Bay! She has her second and last practice on Wednesday evening right before her T-Ball game and then she has her BIG interview with the judges on the 20th. They will be asking her questions and judging her on her speaking, answerig questions and the way she sits and carries herself! We have practicing a lot at home! She has it down, doesn't hurt that she is already a social butterfly!

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