Tuesday, June 11, 2013

St. Philippine Duchesne Memorial Park

. Blake took the family to this really cool place on Saturday. He had already taken the kids one day without me but wanted to go out there again. It was pretty cool. The story is kinda long so if you want to know what its all about you can look it up on the internet! LOL! Its pretty interesting! There is a beautiful trail there that we hiked. There are bluffs and the kids love walking on the rocks. Brooks and Bailey jumped from one rock onto the other, it was a pretty big jump for a kid. They really could have got hurt if they had missed and fell in between the rocks. There was a deep drop in between but they were determined to do it! Too much like their daddy! Both were successful, thank goodness! At the bottom of those rocks was a creek. Water was flowing cause we have had an abundance of rain these days. The kids played in water and found snails. We traveled down a little futher on the trail and Brooks spotted a live turtle crossing the trail. They got a kick out of it. Wanted to keep it, Daddy said "No" but if they would have asked their momma she would have said "yes"! Growing up my mom always let us bring home turtles that we found. We could keep them and take care of them and then later let them back out into the wild! Maybe next time kiddos you will remember to ask your momma first! :) Crossed over a big tree that had fallen over the creek. Got a really sweet moment caught on film of Blake and Brooks sitting on the tree just chatting! It was a great day!! We then headed home, did a tick check, found several and then headed over to friends house for a BBQ and good time hanging out and having a great time with friends. They have kids Brooks and Baileys age. They are good buddies, all of them!

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