Tuesday, October 22, 2013

football season came to an end.... :(

We are sad that football season is already coming to an end. Brooks really really enjoyed playing flag football and Blake LOVED coaching. Next football season Brooks will be in full pads and helmet. Should be interesting and frightening for me, momma! It makes me nervous but he has the BEST roll model and coach in his dad. I trust that he will be taught the right way to tackle and play the game with out too many injuries and hopefully ZERO concussions. Brooks is such a great and natural athlete just like his dad. He is good at any sport he plays. So much fun watching him play. Next Brooks is trying basketball,. Will be a first for him. He has never shown any interest in playing until this year. Should be fun to watch as well. Blake should be very proud of his coaching! Our team won the season. Good job, boys! We were 7/2!! Blake is now talking to a guy here in town about volunteer coaching for our highschool boys! The are getting swallowed up in our games and it is killing Blake. So, he feels like he would be an asset to the team! Hope he gets to do this. No doubt he will be awesome at it! Good luck, honey! thanks Nana for making it out to Brooks' last game!

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