Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cider Fest

After Bailey's game on Saturday mornig we took the kids up to the cider fest at the Louisburg Cider Mill in a near by town. They have a pumpkin patch, activities galore for the kids, a corn maze,pony rides, and a ton of differnt booths. They also sell the famous cider there that they produce right there on site. You can watch how they process the apples and put the in containers as cider. It is a pretty neat process that the kids and adults like to watch. They sell their famous donuts too! YUMMY! The line for those two things had at least 100 people in each line. So, we didn't get any of those yummy things this time round. Bailey rode a black and white pony named, " OREO " and Brooks and Bailey got a bow and arrow set. They are pretty neat! It was a beautful day to be outdoors. We didn't do the pumpkin patch because we are going to go to another pumpkin patch not to far from where we live. Blake took the kids to the local grocery store and picked up two large and much cheaper pumpkins that they later carved and put out on front porch. Bailey's is a ghost and Brooks' is a skull. I was taking care of an elderly woman, i go to her house and take care of her several times a week. The kids are very excited about Halloween.

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