Saturday, October 12, 2013

Texas Blanket

Brooks and Bailey spent the night at their Nana's and Papa's house in the city Friday night. Mom took them on a HayRide in the park and they got to roast their own hotdogs and make smores! Brooks i think had the best time cause he got to spend time with his favorite cousin he never gets to see, Simon! My very first 5K i was going to do was cancelled due to a bad thunderstorm that rolled in. Blake and I got to spend some alone and quiet time together. We headed out to the lake and did a little fishing. Not much luck, Blake caught one tiny one. I think they were all spooked with the storm rolling in. Blake and I enjoyed sitting and watching the storm roll in over us at the lake. The lightening show was amazing. The next morning we met kids and Nana and Papa at Bailey's soccer game. With Nana and Papa's work schedules and with us living much further away now they don't get to see the kids' games as much as they would like or used too. :( It was a bit chilly out but the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. Nana and Papa gave Blake a hard time by wrapping Bailey up in their TEXAS blanket and then holding it up with Bailey! LOL Blake did not find it funny! Thanks Nana and Papa for watching the kids and coming to Bailey's game.

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