Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Kick-Off.....

Our town had a Christmas kick off celebration all day Saturday. We took the kids in the morning to eat some pancakes for a fundraiser for the Rotary Club. But before we left our house Bailey starts screaming, " SANTA, SANTA, SANTA " Sure enought he was going by in a huge sleigh. Pulled by horses instead of reindeer of course. Because the reindeer are still resting up and getting ready for their Christmas Eve Trip around the world. Ate some great pancakes and sausage. Had a meet and greet with Santa and then took a ride in his sleigh down Main St. Then we headed to all the stores downtown to drop our names in a bag for a big drawing at the end of the day. It was fun to go into each store and meet all the owners. I pretty much knew all the stores but i guess i didn't realize we have a great place that you can get massages. Good to know!! We then went to the Highschool where they had both gyms full of craft tables. Bought a few things here and there and came across what we think we are going to get Poppy for Christmas. Headed home for a little bit then back up to Auditorium for the drawings. They gave alot of things away and about 75 free turkey/ham certificates. The big prizes were a 50 inch TV and a girls and boys bikes. We won three turkey/ham certicates. That will do just fine! We gave one to a single mother we know that her daughter is friends with Bailey. Good people! She works all the time and hard and she deserved it for sure! After that they had the owner of the small grocery store we have here in town, Moons, IGA read "night before Christmas" to all the kids up on stage. In the pic you can see Blake in the back and Bailey sitting in the front with a black and white striped shirt on. Brooks was too cool to sit and listen to it so he was up with his friends playing around. We all went outside for the lighting of the Mayor's tree and the lights for downtown. Was a great day!

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