Friday, February 14, 2014

New Traditions....

We decided we are going to start making an ornament every year. So, the kids decided to make a handprint Santa's this year. We also made little ones out of cookie cutters. Will probably use those on each of the kids little Christmas trees for their rooms. We made all of them out of dough and had to bake them for a long while. Got the paint out and they painted them. The kids enjoyed making their ornaments! They did a great job on them! After we made them..... we were letting the paint dry. We left the house for a while that evening and when we got back Clark had got Brooks' down off the table and tried to eat it. He decided he didn't like the taste of it since it's made of only water,flour and salt. But not until he crummbled it up into little peices. Brooks is going to make a new one so we have it for the tree next year and many more to come along with Bailey's!

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