Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall school parties

The kids school doesn't allow them to wear their costumes at all to school on Halloween. ( don't you worry, Blake and I are going to try to get that changed ) But they have their parties that day. I went to both of their parties. Ran back and forth between both classes. That wasn't easy. But I made Brooks' class little mummy cupcakes and Bailey's class spider web cupcakes. Both were a big hit with the kids. I left a bit early so could make it home before kids, i made them ride the bus home just to keep the routine of the day. As i was walking out of the school i took a huge fall. Their front walk way is all chipped up and i guess my shoe caught one of the holes. Wasn't pretty at all. Really hurt but i got up picked up all my stuff and walked to car. When i got to car and felt my knee cause it was really hurting and i had a tennis ball size hematoma stretching through my jeans. I was super affraid to look at it when i got home. Thank goodness Blake got home shortly after i did. I wansn't sure if i did any damage since i already have two medal rods in that knee. I ace wrapped it and went on my way. We had the spook parade and games down town and i wasn't going to miss our first one since we have moved here. Then continued to trick or treat for several hours. It is very tender and the swelling is finally going down after 3 days. Probaly won't go to Dr. unless it keeps hurting. Now im just sore all over. Finding out what all i fell on. Everything is sore. :( But the kids had a fantastic day and so did i besides the fall. Costume pics to come next......

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