Monday, November 4, 2013


This Halloween Brooks chose being a KU football player. We had everything already for his costume but Daddy redid his helment. It was white and he painted it red with a KU and a Jayhawk on each side of the helment. Turned out pretty nice! We showed Brooks 3 different types of KU helments, one blue one red and one white. He chose red. He was pretty excited that he got to help Blake spray paint it. He sure does make a nice lookin KU football player. Bailey girl chose last year sometime that she wanted to be E.T. We were sure that she would change her mind 100 times before the this years Halloween but to our surprise she did not. Not once. So, my mom ( Nana ) and I got all the material and made her costume. I had to buy the pattern online cause there isn't a new E.T. patter found anywhere. Nana did all the sewing... I helped with cutting the pieces out and putting the eyes and heart on. It was alot of fun to do this with my Momma. Really enjoyed the time i got to spend just hanging out with my mom, doesn't happen very often because of both of our busy schedules. Bailey loved the costume. She was the cutest E.T. this is!! Most of the kids her age didn't know who E.T. was. It was interesting to see that most of the adults or older teenagers knew who she was. We first went to our first SPOOK PARADE. It is held first in our town aditorium to play games and all gather before the parade. Then our highschool band comes down Main St. and leads all the kids and their parents down Main for the Parade. Then you walk down both sides of Main St. to all the business owners outside their businesses handing out candy. It was alot of fun. Bailey loved it but Brooks was "too cool" to do it. He wanted to get the "real" trick or treating started!! We came home for a break and to eat a bit of dinner and ice my injuries from earlier that day and then headed out for trick or treating. The kids had a lot of fun handing out candy to trick or treaters before we headed out ourselves. Walked all over and had a great time Next year Brooks wants to go with his buddies. I knew this time would come but i don't think i was prepared for him to be asking already! :( Kids got quit a bit of candy but not too much. Our neighbor downt he street had a really cool set up in their front yard. With a graveyard and fog and lights. With hanging skeletons and a cool spooky castle walk through to get your candy. Kids thought that was pretty cool!

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