Friday, November 22, 2013

Family time....

Saturday we took the kids to the Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory. They have all kinds of cats. It is pretty cool. We got to see them feed all the cats. They get fed a lot of meat everyday in the afternoon. The little cats get fed in the morning. They also had two wolves. One white and one gray and white. They were brother and sister. The brother was the biggest out of the two but he was the most skittish. They were really like dogs. They were super sweet and the care taker kept reaching through the fence to pet them and kiss them. They came up to her and rubbed their backs up against the fence for her to pet them more. Very sweet. The two lions ( one male one female ) was given the most to eat. They had Bangel tigers Siberian tigers. The Bangels were white. They were beautiful!! Bailey was excited when she realized she has a Bangel tiger sitting on her bed, and yes it almost as big as her bed too. We then went for a drive in the country to find some mud to go muddin in. We found one road with muddy water. I got out and took some picks of Blake taking the kids through it. We followed road down a ways and found a low water crossing with water running pretty fast over it. We got out and played in water a bit and the kids played in the mud. Don't worry we didn't let them get out in the fast flowing water. Headed back to some pretty driving on dirt roads and enjoyed admiring God's awesome work. The trees were beautiful colors and the sky was blue with the sun shining! Headed home, showered, changed clothes and headed to a movie with some friends. Took the kids to see " Free Birds " Cute movie. What a fantastic day just spending time together!

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