Sunday, March 2, 2014

Christmas EVE at Nana & Papa's

We went to my parents house, Nana and Papa's for Christmas Eve. We had a great dinner and opened gifts. Was nice to have all three of kids there in one house for my mom and dad. It has been a long year dealing with some personal issues with my sister and the family but we all managed to put that aside and be together for Christmas. I know it meant the world to my mom to have all three of her kids there and all the grandkids together. Bailey got a pair of roller skate shoes. They are tennis shoes that have a single skate that comes out on the bottom and then she can push it back in when she wants to walk. She hasn't quit mastered the skill of staying upright on them! She got a stocking full of goodies and a new KU shirt of course! Brooks got a Duck Dynasty hunting game you plug into the TV. It is fun to play. A stocking full of goodies and a new shirt! He also got a gift card which is always a hit! Blake and I made out pretty well too. Thanks Nana and Papa for all the love shown and having us to your home and all the gifts you gave us. We are truely blessed to have such fantastic grandparents in our kids lives! WE LOVE YOU,BOTH! Brooks and Bailey don't get to see their cousins very often and so it was alot of fun for them to get to hang out with all of them. We made it home pretty late and had to wake Bailey up to do our own family Christmas Eve gift giving. Each of the kids got a game, a pair of P.J.'s and a nut cracker. This is usually our gifts we give every Christmas Eve. Kids were most excited about getting the nutcrackers. It's something they can collect through the years and be able to decorate their own houses with them at Christmas time! The kids also opened the gift they each got from their cousins in Texas. Bailey was THRILLED to get her first rainbow loom. And Brooks thought the shooting rockets were pretty cool. Not sure who enjoyed those more, Blake or Brooks. Thank you E-Crew for the gifts!

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