Saturday, March 1, 2014


We took a trip to Crown Center like we do every year! Once we got there and stood in line to see Santa, Brooks was upset that it wasn't the real Santa. The real Santa was at Bass Pro instead of Crown Center this year. But we still had a fantastic time with each other and going outside to let the kids run around and play on all the fun wooden cars, horses, and HUGE nutcrackers. Of course it was freezing outside but that doesn't phase the kids. They always have a huge display of a handmade gingerbread village. It is different every year. Pretty impressive! The kids got to go into the candy store there and get to fill half a bag full of any kind of jelly beans they wanted. There are some amazing flavors in there but there is also some nasty ones. Fun to try to figure water flavor they are. The kids are really good at that game! Before we left the kids wanted something to eat but when we went into the restaraunt the kids weren't behaving and being too loud. When i got onto Bailey she decided she didnt want to sit with the rest of us. She ate by herself!

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