Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gingerbread house....

The kids asked me when they were going to make their gingerbread houses I panicked. I hadn't got them yet and it was late. I called the three stores we have in our town and i found ONE store that only had ONE house left. I told them to hold it for me i would be up there in a minute! One was plenty, really. The kids were fine with decorating a side and then Daddy and I had a side to decorate too. It was fun to make the house together. I think we might continue this tradition in the future. We also used marshmellow puff to put the house together instead of icing. Worked really well. We used icing to decorate it along with a mass amount of different kinds of candies! We dicided to eat our house pretty quickly after we made it so we could enjoy it instead of letting it get really hard and gross.

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