Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Christmas in March

Opening St. Patrick's Day gifts from Nana and Poppy

have to have a silly face pic before a regular one...
Brooks' tie lights up and blinks

She has been wanting this horse for the LONGEST time, she is a happy happy girl!
loves his new sleeveless jersey!
can you tell she likes what she gets??!!
he can never have too many legos
she loves her new PINK KU sweatshirt!!!

Nan is becoming her mother, she put a wrapped gift in a gift bag with tissue paper and all!!! They were getting a good laugh about it!!
The Battle for the Buffalo River book Blake got, he is very excited about it!!!
Poppy and his new Beyond The Phog book!
Nana, Poppy, Brooks and Bailey

Yep, you read that title correctly, we had Christmas in March. Blake's mom had to have open heart surgery right around Christmas time so we were not able to make it down and have Christmas with them in Hays. So, this is the first time our schedules worked out to do it.
Nana and Poppy made a trip down here to our house with gifts in tow and then to take Brooks back with them for the rest of his Spring Break. He is so excited about spending time with his Nana and Poppy. Brooks asked a week or so ago if he was going to be able to go to his Nana's and Poppy's for his Spring Break. It all worked out so well.
We are sad that Brooks won't be with us this Saturday for St. Patrick's Day and the parade but he will be going to a parade with his Nana and Poppy! I already miss my little man ( not so little anymore ) I know for a fact that he is going to have a blast their in Hays, he always does.
Thanks Nana and Poppy for all the great gifts. Thanks for all the St. Patrick's Day gifts as well, the kiddos always look forward to getting a little something from y'all on Holidays!!!!

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